Batora: Lost Haven 

Batora: Lost Haven combines the features of a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG.

What boundaries would you cross to save your home?

Jump on a journey across colourful and mesmerizing planets. In this story-driven action RPG where your conscience will carry the weight of your decisions.


Earth is dying.

The physical and mental balance of a naive and reckless girl who lost everything is the only weapon to save the Earth from oblivion.

After a mysterious event, most of the Earth was destroyed. Avril, a 16-year-old girl, witnessing the death of her older sister Rose, together with her best friend Mila, discovers two amulets connected to Sun and Moon. Two unknown entities that lead her to start her quest to bring Earth back to its former glory.

To develop and acquire the physical and mental powers required to accomplish her feat, Avril will have to move around the 4 different planets of Gryja, Huav, Mahdzam and Lume – each guarding an elemental essence.

Along her adventure, Avril will learn that the line between good and evil is thin. Her path will be determined by her own decisions, and through each planet, she will find out the meaning of betrayal, friendship and sacrifice.








PHYSICAL/MENTAL DUALISM → Leverage the power of your body and your mind to face the challenges and obstacles you will encounter on your journey. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your double health bar – if one of these bars drops too low you could end up dead!

DEFENDER OR CONQUEROR? → Use your wits and your strength in your interactions with those around you. Decide what kind of hero you want to be as you work towards your goal, but remember, all actions have consequences.

FAST-PACED MULTI-LAYERED COMBAT SYSTEM → Quickly learn when to switch between your physical and mental powers. Sharpening your strategic dualism is the only way to keep pace with your opponents.

RETRO SCI-FI ART → Feast your eyes on original hand-painted, sci-fi inspired visuals. Visit colorful and fascinating planets and interact with out-of-this-world creatures and characters.

RESPONSIVE NON-LINEAR NARRATION → Your choices will change the fate of the universe and the livelihood of all the creatures that inhabit it. Are you ready to take responsibility for your decisions? Explore all the possible outcomes of the storyline designed by a Writers Guild award winner.

Initial release date: 2022

Developer: Stormind Games

Publisher: Team17

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5

Genres: Hack and slash, Adventure game, Shooter Video Game, Puzzle Video Game, Fighting game

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