Breakout: Recharged begins with eight rows of bricks, with every two rows different kinds of color. The color order from the bottom up is yellow, green, orange and red.

Using a single ball, the player must knock down as many bricks as possible by using the walls and/or the paddle below to hit the ball against the bricks and eliminate them. If the player’s paddle misses the ball’s rebound, they will lose a turn.

The player has three turns to try to clear two screens of bricks. Yellow bricks earn one point each, green bricks earn three points, orange bricks earn five points . The top-level red bricks score seven points each.

The paddle shrinks to one-half its size after the ball has broken through the red row and hit the upper wall. Ball speed increases at specific intervals. After four hits, after twelve hits, and after making contact with the orange and red rows.

The highest score achievable for one player is 896. The original arcade cabinet of Breakout featured artwork that revealed the game’s plot to be that of a prison escape.

According to this release, the player is playing as one of a prison’s inmates attempting to knock a ball and chain into a wall of their prison cell with a mallet. If the player successfully destroys the wall in-game, their inmate escapes with others following.


Old Meets New: Classic Breakout gameplay updated with refined control, and modern visual flourishes

Power Up: Blast special bricks to pick up paddle-transforming power-ups a rail gun, explosive balls, missile launchers, and more

Challenge: Compete in a series of 50 challenges designed to put even the most seasoned players to the test

Compete: Reach the top of global leaderboards for arcade and individual challenge modes

Bring a Friend: Play local co-op in every mode – breaking bricks is better together!

Get in the Groove: Rock out to an original score by Megan McDuffee


A revamped version of the game, Breakout: Recharged is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows. It is developed by Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox.

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