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In Coromon, players are taken on a modernized journey of monster taming. Play a turn-based battle game, solve brain-twisting puzzles, and discover a mysterious threat to the world by taming Coromon. About of Coromon A new day dawns on Velua, and you begin your new role as a newly minted member of Lux Solis, the …

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Puzzle Quest 3

In Puzzle Quest 3, a new installment in the internationally acclaimed puzzle-RPG series, you’ll battle opponents in strategic match-3 combat. Embark on a dangerous fantasy journey across Etheria, a world filled with enemies to conquer and loyal allies to recruit. Take on a brand-new adventure to become the next Puzzle Quest legend as you explore …

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pokemon sleep

In planning to publish this game, developed by Niantic and Select Button, The Pokémon Company will partner with Niantic and Select Button. The Pokémon Company hasn’t mentioned Pokémon Sleep since it announces almost two years ago. Does Pokémon Sleep have a release date yet, or is The Pokémon Company still waiting for the perfect moment to announce it? About of pokemon sleep The Pokemon Sleep …

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