Dark Deity

Game developer Sword & Axe LLC and publisher Freedom Games created Dark Deity, a tactical role-playing game. In a fantasy universe, a group of students at a military academy is conscripted into the army years before they should be graduating. This is due to war erupting in the kingdom. Despite receiving positive reviews from critics, the game is heavily inspired by the Fire Emblem series.

About of Dark Deity

Hundreds of years ago a Calamity tore down the mighty civilizations in a world on its last strand of hope. Grand emperors of old have been replaced by kings who wage foolish wars that tear ancient ruins asunder like glorified scavengers.

Take charge of a team of four students shut down by King Varic at Brookstead Military Academy. Brookstead students make fine cannon fodder… But this group of soldiers is not just destined to be meat for another meat grinder. King Delia is preparing to break a millennium-old treaty.

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What is the Gameplay of Dark Deity?

The game involves moving units around a grid-based battlefield. All of the characters have four different weapons that target different weaknesses in their enemies as part of the “Advantage system.” You can upgrade these weapons with Class Tokens, which are vital to the game. There are four tiers of weapons, each of which requires a different kind of token for upgrading. Once a weapon has been upgraded twice, it will enter the next tier.

In contrast to the game’s Fire Emblem counterparts, there are no permadeath or casual modes. The characters remain playable even if damaged, but a random stat point is lost if they are defeated in combat.

Losing a character still results in permanent punishment, but this tradeoff still allows players to continue fighting if they decide it’s worth it. Since losing units carries a smaller penalty, the game has a balanced degree of difficulty.

What is the system requirements of Dark Deity?

OS: Windows 7

Processor: i3

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Modern GPU recommended

Storage: 5 GB available space

What is the release date and platform of Dark Deity?

It is planned to release the Nintendo Switch port on March 17, 2022.

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