Death Carnival


In a future international, damaged with the aid of warfare, humanity survives in a few overcrowded towns. To escape their bleak reality, many flip to televised blood sports activities, the maximum famous being death Carnival. on this deadly game show, contestants have to struggle towards hordes of enemies and machines for reputation and fortune on stay television.

The story extends back as far as memory can reach. We live in a dystopic society with bleak futures, a borderline sociopathic population, and a pang of widespread hunger for entertainment. How should we proceed?

 Produce over-the-top game shows where everyone is trying to kill one another. An upcoming game called Death Carnival, developed by Fusion Games is premised on bloodsports. There is a deadly game show within the game’s universe, so that is the name of the game.

Throughout the gun battles, you will leap and soar through the air frequently, since this is an extremely fast-paced top-down shooter. Check out the trailer for Death Carnival for an example of simple, easy controls that allow you to focus on the action.

In an action-packed online and multiplayer shooter, Death Carnival features fast-paced shooting, wall-dashing, and frantic mid-air combat like no other. Using the socket system you can customize weapon load-outs and discover new ways to destroy your enemies. Play singleplayer, co-op online, or competitive PvP with more than a dozen characters, each with their own unique attacks and stories.

There will be both online multiplayer modes (PvE and PvP), but you will also be able to participate in a full story campaign that you can complete on your own or in a cooperative campaign with up to four players.

In the game, players will be able to create their own character and class, upgrade their weapons using loot earned by heroic boss fights, and replay the endgame many times.

As part of the game, Death Carnival will be available for most major platforms, including mobile, console, and PC, with cross-progression across them all.


  1. PVP modes with a fast-paced combat system, Easy to play with arcade controls Many characters and classes to choose from
  2. Multiple worlds with a multitude of arenas and weapon socket systems for customizing weapons with collected loot Story campaign solo or 4 players couch or online co-op with numerous worlds and weapons
  3. There is plenty of endless replay at the end of the game with giant boss fights. This game will be available on a majority of platforms with cross-platform game play.

If you want to play in the future so you can register over here and check the official website over here:

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