FAR: Changing Tides

As a boy embarks on a journey to find his family, an atmospheric vehicle adventure follows his emotional journey. Explore an underwater world flooded with storms, dive deep to discover unknown depths, and sail stormy waters.

About of FAR: Changing Tides

With its stormy sky and high seas, FAR: Changing Tides enhances the desolate setting seen in FAR: Lone Sails. FAR: Changing Tides offers players a deeper and more challenging experience through its new and improved environments, puzzles, and ship mechanics.

As Toe, a new protagonist who wakes up in the middle of a flood, you have to overcome the elements. An environment once familiar becomes alien and sometimes hostile. Navigate Toe in search of a new beginning as you traverse the ruins of a once-great society.

Captain a seafaring vessel and experience the thrill of sailing. As you voyage with each other, you’ll face high seas, storms, and the perils of the deep. While on the journey, you’ll unlock parts, fix faults and search the watery depths for fuel and salvage. Your vessel’s fascinating complexities will become more apparent as you travel.

While environmental dangers and puzzles provide moments of peril and intrigue, they also offer a solitary, almost meditative experience. Learn to sail the ocean while grieving the loss of your home as you raise the mast, hoist, angle the sails, light the furnace, and more.

By interacting with the environment and changing the music, the soundtrack amplifies key moments in the game and heightens the atmosphere. This means crescendos, pauses, and everything in between are created by the player instead of being prescripted.

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What are the System requirements of FAR: Changing Tides?

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher

Processor: Intel Pentium G4500 or AMD FX-4350

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or Radeon R7 370, 2 GB

Storage: 4 GB available space

What is the release date and platform of FAR: Changing Tides?

Far: changing Tides game will be released on 1st march on the Nintendo Switch platform. 

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