GRID Legends

All about GRID Legends

GRID Legends is an upcoming thrilling wheel-to-wheel Motorsport and edge-of-your-seat action around the globe. Create your dream Motorsport events, bounce into live multiplayer races, be part of the drama in an immersive virtual production story, and embrace the sensation of astonishing action racing.

You can play with up to 21 friends in the most social and connected GRID ever, including cross-platform sport.

The Career Mode:

The career mode is a long single-player adventure in GRID Legends and is separate from the Driven to Glory story. Here you will find 250 race events for an on-track-led experience.

In this part of the game, you run your own team as owner/driver in the current GRID season, working your way through three ranks: Rookie, Semi-Pro, and Pro. It tops in a finale, called ‘The Gauntlet’ where your aim is to evolve a ‘Legend’.

There is more significant flexibility in this area, as you choose the class of events you’d like to enter.

Your team will have customization options too, including team livery and icon and more items are unlocked as you progress.

How many cars are there in the game?

There are over 100 cars in GRID Legends at launch – indicating that more will be coming as downloadable additions over time. This is across nine classifications: Touring, GT, Tuner, Track Day, Open Wheel, Trucks, Electric, Drift, and ‘Other’

There are multiple franchise favorites from prior GRID games, such as a 90s Audi A4 touring car, or the Brabham BT62 from the 2019 GRID paid downloadable content. Some latest additions include the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Ginetta Junior race car, Stadium Super Trucks, and Lotus Evija.

How many are the tracks in the game?

There are basically 22 tracks in GRID Legends at launch – 13 circuits, nine-city street tracks, one point-to-point. Each with numerous routes such as short or reverse layouts, totaling 143 at launch.

Race Types:

Drift events will be produced for the first time since GRID Auto-sport in 2014, alongside new electric and Stadium Truck events.

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Release Date: 25/2/2022

Publisher: EA Swiss Sarl

Genre: Driving/Racing

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