Harkening back to the true pioneers of retro gaming, Infernax is first and foremost a Metroidvania title. Featuring towns to explore, caves to maneuver, and even dungeons to bob and weave your way through. Movement is smooth, making positioning yourself against enemies an easy feat.

The game is as difficult as you’d expect but never to the point where it’s unfair. It’s more of a simplicity in difficulty where the fault is on you as a player. Getting too close to an enemy or not recognizing its pattern can put you into quite a bit of trouble.

Though, the game rewards you for paying attention to enemy patterns, giving you easy openings when the time is right. I never felt a boss was too difficult and the progression of difficulty felt gradual through each encounter. It was naturally effective. It makes me wish that more games of the actual era it emulates would’ve been a bit more like that.

There are some great flourishes that Berzerk tosses into the game though such as the save spots which work similarly to Dark Souls’ bonfires. Here, you can save, heal yourself, and even upgrade three different stats. There are also shops to check out as well which give you the chance to grab better armours and the like.


PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch


Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew have confirmed the release date of its upcoming demon-slaying retro action-adventure Infernax. According to the release date reveal trailer, the game will launch on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022.

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