Kowloon High-School Chronicle

This video game/visual novel hybrid will keep you entertained for hours on end thanks to its dungeon crawler, role-playing gameplay, and visual novel elements.

About of Kowloon High-School Chronicle

Among the students at Kamiyoshi Academy in Shinjuku is a young man who seems to be a normal student, but is actually a treasure hunter. The object of his research is to uncover a mysterious ruin beneath the school. He tries to unravel the mysteries of an ancient civilization with the help of his school friends.

The student council holds him captive and many traps, as well as “Kehito” monsters that lurk within the ruins, stand in his way!

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What is the gameplay of Kowloon High-School Chronicle?

Two primary modes are available to players: the 3D dungeon crawler RPG section, in which one explores the ruins beneath a school to locate treasure, and the visual novel segment, which continues the story and allows the player to interact with the characters. There are also skeuomorphic menus that provide directions and allow students to accept quests, such as maps and Windows 95 computer screens.

The first-person perspective of the RPG segments is similar to that of classic dungeon crawlers such as Wizardry. Each character has a limited number of action points before the turn ends. The player is able to use a cursor to aim and shoot as if it were an action game.

Its crafting system allows players to combine two items to create a new one, which was uncommon at the time. Dungeon segments, contrary to traditional dungeon crawlers, also heavily utilize the crafting system

The game includes an original retro dungeon crawler RPG styled on PC-98’s Rockford Adventure. The player earns stat bonuses by progressing through the game.

Discover the great mysteries and treasures hidden beneath the school, get in touch with friends, solve puzzles, dodge traps, defeat enemies, and discover your friends!

What is the release date and platform of Kowloon High-School Chronicle?

Kowloon High-School Chronicle was published by Atlus for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2004. The following year, it was remastered and localized into English for the Nintendo Switch. In 2022, a PlayStation 4 remaster will be released.

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