Left Alone: Rebirth


Left Alone is back…but this time it’s been reborn!

Battle the desolate elements of Mount High, crawl through the depths of the mysterious surroundings and venture into places you didn’t think possible. Left alone: Rebirth is a horror heavy thriller that will take your breath away.


  • Psychological thriller – Discover clues, lore, notes and memories left from past students and visitors of Mount High Campgrounds. Isolated and completely alone. Navigating your way through a bleak winter environment won’t be your only worry in this battle for survival.
  • Immersive gameplay – Scavenge the environment to craft items that will help you solve puzzles throughout the game. Find clues and uncover traces of your friend’s disappearances, while maintaining your temperature in the sub-zero environment. You might unearth more than you bargained for.
  • High-suspense atmosphere – A unique and original score written by our incredible composer will feed into the player’s immersion. Carefully designed audio cues and 3D sounds for the player, environments and the world you’ll be exploring will deliver a hair raising experience.
  • Stunning vistas – Set in multiple interior and exterior environments which include: Wild hiking trails, neglected cabins, gorging rocky ravines, spectacular glacier caves, forlorn campgrounds, abandoned schools and so much more.


Built from the ground up, Left Alone: Rebirth is 5x larger than the original. Retaining and Improving on all the things you loved in the first game. The unique high-octane atmosphere, incredible and immersive environments with 10x the detail and fidelity, for those who dare to play.


Begin an adventure you’ll never quite forget as you play as ex-Military Officer Joel Dent, who is recovering from lengthy physical trauma. Finally, on the mend, Joel and his friends arrange a meeting point in the bleak wintery Canadian forests, for a fun, adventurous weekend away fishing at their nostalgic Mount High Camp. Things have changed from when they first met at school 22 years ago.

Strange goings-on leaves Joel, alone and isolated, with no supplies in sub-zero temperatures. He must find a source of heat to keep his temperature up while he searches for clues into his friend’s sudden disappearance. His path will lead to an abandoned school with a horrific past. The search for his friends uncovers horrors beyond his worst nightmares and Joel soon realises he wasn’t Left Alone.

Developers: Volumetric Games

Publishers: Volumetric Games

Franchises: Left Alone

Release Date: February 2022

Platforms: PC

Genres: Adventure, Horror

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