Life is Strange Remastered

As previously announced, Square Enix has scheduled Life is Strange: Remastered Collection for release on February 1, 2022. The updates include Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

What is GamePlay?

Relive the action and drama of Life are Strange 2 and one of its award-winning games like never before! Enhance the characters and storylines with remastered visuals and animation! This also includes the collection of remastered versions of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


1. Visually enhanced across characters and environments A vast improvement in animation using full facial mocap.

2. A sequel with updated gameplay puzzles, enhanced engine and lighting, and multiple endings based on choice and consequence

3. Change the course of events using Max’s rewind function or Chloe’s sharp wit Marked soundtracks & original scores


Here is where users can preorder.

The Sony Ent There is more information on pre-orders in the Sony Entertainment Network Terms of Service or User Agreement. You need to enable Automatic Login and Auto Sign-In on your PlayStation 5TM or PlayStation 4TM system for auto-download.  

Ordering the Life is Strange Remastered Collection also gets you the ‘Zombie Crypt’ Outfit for Chloe. The zombie crypt outfit is only available in Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered.

How to use the software?

 You may need to update your PS5 system software in order to play this game. The game is playable on PS5, but certain features on PS4 may be missing.   

PlayStation Network Terms of Service and Software Usage Terms plus any additional conditions specific to that product must be followed.

It is only necessary to sign in to PlayStation Network on your primary PS4 to use this but does require it on other PS4 systems. One-time fee to download to multiple PS4 systems.

About Game

Release Date: 1st Feb 2022

Players: 1 Player

Supported Languages: Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian

Supported Play Modes: TV, Laptop, Nintendo Switch

Free to play: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S

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