QuestLord 2

A new QuestLord has been sought by the Astral Sorceress Thelia to settle the challenges facing the Realms of the Second Age!

As the player explores the magical world of the Realms of the Second Age, he or she will choose from five different lores, such as Battle, Beast, Scout, Science, and Magic. The QuestLord will help Thelia solve what has plagued the realms for so long by meeting a variety of characters, traveling to and defeating enemies, and solving Quests.

Features hundreds of NPCs, a deep storyline with many enemies to overcome. Many different places to explore. The original Dungeon Classic on your smartphone.

This epic adventure will require you to complete all quests. This Rogue-Like, QuestLord Quick Game will provide you with the opportunity to explore a dungeon with a fully packed character.

The original QuestLord was released by veteran game developer Eric Kinkead aka Lava Level in early 2013, and it put an old-school RPG vibe with modern trappings on a mobile platform.

Additionally, the game achieved being a very approachable entry in a genre that could be overwhelming at times. When Shaun reviewed QuestLord two years after its release, we enjoyed it a lot. We love QuestLord. So, we were incredibly excited when QuestLord 2 was about to be released on the App Store around these times in 2018. This game continues the original theme but adds tons of new mechanics and content.

Release Date

The official QuestLord 2 website has been updated with a release date of February 22nd, 2022, according to an eagle-eyed member of the QuestLord 2 forum. The dates are the same for everyone, but we weirdos in the States will have 02/22/2022, and everyone else will have 22/02/2022, but either way that’s a lot of 2s. Was the 3-year delay to avoid a really bad date?

Nonetheless, I would say having a release date at all is a positive development over the last three years of uncertainty about when the game would be released. You may not know this, but QuestLord recently received a major update that brought it up to modern standards after being in a graveyard for 32 years.

You should definitely grab this game if you haven’t before as it’s always fun to play through and will prepare you well for QuestLord 2.

If you want to play this game right now so you need to purchase it. You can purchase over here:

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  1. Several types of Lore with their own skills and abilities Dawn, Day, Night, and Dusk 5 different types of Lore each with their own 5 skills and abilities.
  2. You can interact with hundreds of secondary characters in a variety of ways, including pets with heads-up displays and battle bonuses! Notes can be written on the map!
  3. Adventure QuickGame, a rogue-like rogue-like platforming game that quickly plunges you into the action Tons of quests and locations to explore.

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