You might be able to score a wildcard entry to an exclusive invitational if you break into the biggest snowboarding event of the year. In order to prove your snowboarding skills, master park riding, buttering, rails, and huge kickers.

About of Shredders

A brand ambassador from Frozen Wood resort approaches you and your pal for a few sponsored snowboarding videos. Her introduction to snowboarding introduces you to professional riders, snowmobiles, and epic features to shred.

Lisa’s help will allow you to meet some of those pros, learn a bunch of their moves, and possibly even have the opportunity to join them in the kick-ass invitational! Shredders were inspired by snowboarding films from back in the day, any of the Amped games from back then, and any of the Instagram snowboarding heroes.

Features of Shredders

There are many beautiful features, lines, and directions on the horizon, and the snow is always fresh!

The realness of snowboarding is in the voices and stories of these snowboarders.

Snowboarding movies are the inspiration for these areas, which have been designed for maximum fun. Shredders is a snow park for powder junkies and park rats alike.

Every move feels amazing from Jamie Anderson’s spins to Sebbe De Buck’s lawn darts to Marcus Kleveland’s knuckle huck tricks. No snowboarding game has ever had such a level of control.

With Scotty’s help, you’ll be able to meet pros, learn their moves, and impress everyone!

The multiplayer core of this game will allow you to play with your friends and earn top spots. Let’s go!

Experience the flow of snowboarding for the first time!

Shredders provide you with real-world gear, taken from real locations and digitally prepared for you.

What are the system requirement of Shredders ?

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Quad-Core Processor > 2.5Ghz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDA 1060, AMD RX56

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 15 GB available space

what is the release date and platform of Shredders?

Shredders game will be released this winter season on Xbox Series X and Series S platforms.

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