A new Tomb Raider game is coming to mobile, dubbed Tomb Raider Reloaded, according to the official Tomb Raider Twitter account. Emerald City Games is currently working on this under a partnership with Square Enix London’s mobile team. The game is slated for new features that will release in 2022.

It has been confirmed by Square Enix that the Action-Arcade game will be soft-launched only in particular regions. However, it’s safe to assume that there will be more soft launches in anticipation of the game’s global release. Ensure that the game is available for Android and iOS in your region by checking your preferred app store.

There is a teaser trailer for a future Tomb Raider mobile game in the tweet above, along with information about the release date in 2022. There is only one scene shown in this trailer and it is less than a minute long. The video shows us little of what we can expect, but it’s clear that the game’s design will appeal less to longtime Lara fans due to its cutesy feel.

The trailer is the only thing we know about the gameplay as there has been little information released about the new game. A variety of cartoon-style creatures and obstacles are visible around a tomb which Lara Croft is presumably expected to encounter in the game.

There is a noticeable change from the recent Tomb Raider installments as this takes the series out of the dark and into a more fantasy-based world. A more cute style could also attract more fans, which could appeal to a broad audience of young people. However, for now, that is all gamers know about the game.

What is GamePlay?

The original Tomb Raider games are influenced by Lara’s famous twin pistols which you can use to blast your way through tomb after tomb. You must make sure you clear all the enemies, big and small, and build up abilities to become more skilled at fighting. Traverse and backflip through epic environments in unique adventure adventures. Explore underground tombs and caves as well as waterfalls familiar to you.

Solve puzzles to gain access to the menacing bosses, and carefully dodge hazards and traps throughout each room. Get to the most sublime level of Tomb Raider by learning new skills, gaining mystical powers, equipping gear, and leveling up!

》 Collect relics

》 Display trophies

》 Unlock skills

》 Face supernatural enemies

》 Solve puzzles Collapse

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